Case Study #3

“My son told me that he wanted to drop core Maths as a subject …”

With this simple solution Thapelo’s Maths results changed from 40% to 75%!

This is a story of a caring father, Mr. Jan Maphosa, who didn’t give up on his son’s dreams and who helped him to find a solution to his problem with Maths.

“Hello, My name is Jan Maphosa. My son Thapelo had a problem with the subject of Maths and in Grade 11 his marks were on average 40%.

It was 2015 and my son told me that he wanted to drop core Maths as a subject. Sometime around then I met Mr. Makgamatho at UNISA who was working with post graduate students and told him that my son wanted to drop Maths. Mr. Makgamatho recommended I get a copy of the My Maths Buddy dictionary to address my son’s problems with Maths.

I purchased the copy of the My Maths Buddy dictionary in 2016. At that time my son was 16 years old and in matric. His marks were still average, around 40%.

My son started to use the book immediately. I didn’t help him at all. He used it himself and every time when he practiced Maths he would put the My Maths Buddy dictionary next to him in order to understand the Maths concepts he was studying at the time.

His confidence in Maths started to improve as well as his marks. He went from 40% to between 70% and 80% and started to enjoy Maths.

In June 2016 my son got an award at school as a top achiever in Maths. He passed matric and did well in Maths with 75% pass.

At the moment he is studying Actuarial Science at the University of Pretoria and he is still using his My Maths Buddy dictionary and enjoying Maths.

The My Maths Buddy dictionary not only changed my son’s performance in the subject of Maths but also his enjoyment of the subject which resulted in his improved confidence.”

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