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Palanga Publishing is a South African company located in Johannesburg North.

The company was established in 2012. The main focus of the company is to provide South African schools, teachers and learners with high-quality Maths resources that help them to get a better understand of Maths and thus improve results. The main resource, the My Maths Buddy dictionary, was developed the same year and it spread like wildfire, getting into the hands of thousands of learners in South Africa over the past years.

Our passion is to uplift Maths and Science education in South Africa and help the younger generation to succeed in life by becoming highly skilled professionals in whichever field they choose and thus contribute positively to the South African’s economy.  

While getting more involved with the education field in South Africa we realized that more help is needed and that sparked the idea of creating the My Maths Buddy Academy and developing specialized training for learners and maths teachers that heavily focuses on the understanding of Maths as a subject which inevitably brings better Maths results.

We believe that understanding of a subject and its component part comes first before one starts practicing it and our resources and training is developed based on this principle.

Since the launch of the Academy we have helped over 800 Maths teachers and over 10,000 learners through our training with great successes.

Our next target is to increase our reach to helping across all STEM subjects and thus changing the landscape and the standard of STEM education results for learners.

Our team is passionate and dedicated to creating a positive impact on education in South Africa.

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