Case Study #1

From having problems with Maths to 60% in one school term!

Maths is a very challenging subject for a lot of children and parents are constantly on the lookout for a workable solution. Every parent’s dream is to make sure that their child accomplishes his or her goals and becomes successful in life. And it is very heart-breaking when your child fails.

Good education plays a VITAL role in your child’s successful future. Maths is a key part of it. There are so many examples of children who couldn’t fulfil their dreams because they didn’t succeed in Maths. Did you know that your child is denied the ability to follow over 157 different professions if he or she fails Maths?

We as parents cannot deny an opportunity for our children that they might want to pursue in the future. What if his or her career choice requires Maths?

Do not think for a moment that Maths is hard and that there is no simple solution to problems with Maths. It isn’t true that the subject is hard. What makes it seem hard is misunderstanding.

Here is a story of a caring mother, Lesley Vaughan from Roodepoort, who helped her son with this simple solution:

“My son, Evan, is 13 years old and he recently started having problems with Maths, in particular with problem solving and the understanding of the definitions in Maths. It made Evan feel incompetent in Maths and I was feeling helpless too.

I came across a promotion of the My Maths Buddy dictionary on the Internet and purchased a copy of the book for my son in January 2017. When we received the book he started using it immediately, by himself, without my help.

Not long after getting the book, he wrote his first test and his Maths results improved from 45% to 55% with his latest result now 60%. This is a substantial increase in a period of one school term.

I believe that the My Maths Buddy dictionary was the catalyst in changing my son’s performance in Maths and I would definitely recommend the My Maths Buddy dictionary to all parents whose children are struggling with Maths.”

You too can help your child to stop his struggles with Maths. Make contact with us, or buy the My Maths Dictionary today!

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