My Maths Buddy Initiative

Proven to increase results in Maths performance …

The My Maths Buddy One Book One Learner Project is an initiative by our partner, South African Mathematics Foundation, to forward excellence in Maths understanding and improved results for Maths Teachers and Learners.

This is done through focused Maths teachers and learners training in which the My Maths Buddy kits and resources are provided to all teachers and learners in attendance.

Many companies and corporates have participated in this Corporate Social Investment intervention and can proudly say they made significant changes in the maths results of thousands of Learners countrywide.

The Project has recorded and almost one-for-one increase in results for those attending the workshops and using the book.

Palanga Publishing is the service provider for the workshops and supplies the books for this exciting and highly effective project.

If your company is interested in more information, or participating in this Project, go to One Book One Learner Project website.

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