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We provide effective Maths learning and Maths teaching methodologies and resources for Maths teachers, parents and learners.

Learning with full UNDERSTANDING = QUALITY EDUCATION and this is what My Maths Buddy training and resources help to achieve. Our key goal is UNDERSTANDING because understanding brings RESULTS.

My Maths Buddy for schools

The My Maths Buddy training program will make your teaching of Maths exciting for your learners, and rewarding and stress free FOR YOU!

Teachers – Our Results

What Teachers Say About My Maths Buddy Program

“Before the My Maths Buddy program started in 2013 we were at a pass rate of 12%. And we had to go and account to the Department of Education for underperforming. I remember opening my reports from the department and it was all highlighted red.

We then asked for help from “My Maths Buddy”. Since the start of the My Maths Buddy program the results have improved in 2015 to 65%. The learners who passed in 2014 are still doing very well today and I hope with the help of My Maths Buddy we will build a solid foundation for learners who are going to do well in Grade 12.

In 2016 the school acquired 88% for the first term (up from 65% from the previous year) and I am ecstatic to announce that our results for term 2 have escalated to 95%.
We got upgraded by the Department of Education from a level 3 to a level 4 school.

The My Maths Buddy contributed a lot to the upgrade of the school.” – Ms. Maja, Principal

The 2019 results showed a 99% pass rate with average marks being 67% which is up from 19% average mark recorded at the beginning of the program.

My Maths Buddy for home

Learn how to help your child study Maths stress free and with full understanding AND achieve great results!

Parents – Our Results

What Parents Say About My Maths Buddy

“Hello, my name is Jan Maphosa. My son Thapelo had a problem with the subject of Maths and in Grade 11 his marks were on average 40%.

It was 2015 and my son told me that he wanted to drop core Maths as a subject. Sometime around then I met Mr. Makgamatho at UNISA who was working with post graduate students and told him that my son wanted to drop Maths. Mr. Makgamatho recommended I get a copy of the My Maths Buddy to address my son’s problems with Maths.

I purchased the My Maths Buddy in 2016. At that time my son was 16 years old and in matric. His marks were still average, around 40%. My son started to use the book immediately.

His confidence in Maths started to improve as well as his marks. He went from 40% to between 70% and 80% and started to enjoy Maths. In June 2016 my son got an award at school as a top achiever in Maths. He passed matric and did well in Maths with 75% pass.

Now he is studying Actuarial Science at the University of Pretoria and he is still using his My Maths Buddy and enjoys Maths. The My Maths Buddy not only changed my son’s performance in the subject of Maths but also his enjoyment of the subject which resulted in his improved confidence.”

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