Let’s face it. Maths is one of the most challenging subjects in school and your child is one of many children out there with a similar problem. It doesn’t make it right though. As parents we do want to help our children succeed and achieve their dreams.

How many times did you hear from your child “I hate Maths.”, “I do not want to do it.”, “Maths is just boring.”, “Maths is too difficult.”, “I do not understand it.” “If only I don’t have to do Maths at school.”? He may live in the now but you are able to see the future and you know that many professions (in fact 156 of them) need a knowledge of core Maths, so you insist on doing Maths, you spend extra money and extra time to make sure that your child becomes better at Maths.

But maybe it doesn’t bring the results you want?

This is where we come in and help you.

Learner struggling with maths studies

Parents assisting with Maths studies

We save you money and save you your time and bring you results!

We took some time and asked our South African mothers who have children at school, or those mothers who are homeschooling, a few questions and according to our surveys 100% of them indicated that they would love to learn how to help their children overcome the struggle with Maths.

And the main reasons for this are:

  • Tutoring and extra Maths have become too expensive and you want to save while keeping education standards high
  • Sometimes tutoring and extra Maths are not that effective and it feels like a waste of money. It can be that it works when with the tutor but when the child is on their own they struggle again
  • You want to be involved in your children’s education and be able to help them effectively when they are struggling

And this is what we help you with exactly!

You don’t need to be a Mathematician to effectively help your child with Maths. Even if you didn’t do that well in Maths at school, you will be able to help your child do well in Maths.

After attending our once-off training you will be able to help your child UNDERSTAND MATHS and you will be able to SAVE your TIME and MONEY!

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Parents Maths Training

How does parent training work?


Signing Up

Our course is called Five Effective Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in Maths. To sign up you need to click on our online store and complete a purchase.
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You will be attending an online course. You will move efficiently and rapidly through the modules, providing the exact information you need to help you help your child with Maths. Each module has practical exercises for you which you will enjoy and immediately be able to apply in helping your child.



Each attendee will receive a Maths Understanding Made Simple kit which includes manuals and resources to be used as a parent and with your child to increase Maths understanding and to help your child do better in Maths.



Monthly My Maths Buddy Club meetings online with likeminded parents and our specialists for support, Q&A sessions and polishing your skills in using these powerful methodologies.



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