We know how difficult it is sometimes for you to help your child with Maths and even more, be successful at it.

After all, you studied your Maths years ago and probably remember little of it. And now you need to learn it all over again…


Our lives are incredibly busy these days, not like half a century ago, when a mom could be a mom and a housewife most of the time, and could concentrate on raising and educating her children and making sure that they do well at school and in life.

Circumstances have changed and most of us might not even want to have a life as a housewife. We like to be busy and we like to create and make a difference in this world. After all this is why we stood up for Women Rights and decided that we are equal to men in opportunities and rights and we can vote! But this story is for some other time …

Despite the change in our lives, one thing will never change for us, being mothers. We want the best for our children! We want them to be the most successful people in the world when they grow up! We want them to be happy. And we know that education of our precious children is an integral part of it.

But how do I do it all? I have such a busy work schedule, house chores and cooking, shopping, extra mural activities for kids, homework! And all these birthday parties that we have to attend for our little ones?

No doubt, you have to be very effective and have the best tools available on the market at your disposal.

This is where we come in. How do you help your child with Maths in the most effective way? How do you help them to understand Maths and be successful in it without you spending so much time on it?

We have the solution for you!

Never produced before in the educational market, this book will blow your mind!

The Five Effective Ways to Help Your Child Succeed With Maths is a perfect manual for moms and dads who care! It contains the best and the most effective ways to help your child to become a Maths genius AND you don’t have to keep spending hours and hours with them doing their homework on a weekly basis!

You learn certain skills that anyone can do. You do not have to be a Maths teacher to be good at them! They are so easy and simple!

The manual also contains certain exercises that you do with your child which have a tremendous effect on their understanding the subject.

It is never too late! Even if your child is in Grade 12 and is getting ready for the final exams, you can make a difference in their marks! They need it so much! They are at the point of making important decisions in their lives very soon.

Right now we have a special on this book!

The usual price of the book is R155.00 but only until the end of November, the price is R139.00! Save 10%!

And this is not all!

To complete the POWER TOOLS PACKAGE FOR PARENTS there is another book that you will really want to have for your child and this is the My Maths Buddy Maths dictionary that contains Maths terminology for children between Grade 3 and 12.

This very unique dictionary has been on the South African market for the last 3 years with more than 23 000 copies sold country wide. It changes the lives of many learners on a daily basis. Struggling and under-performing learners becoming Maths stars in their classes or at least improving their marks significantly.

Look at this success! This learner, before starting to use My Maths Buddy, had a 42% pass mark and after he started to use this dictionary while doing his homework this is what he wrote to us:

“Hi, I just matriculated last year. I got a distinction in Maths with 88%. I didn’t do it alone… of course I had MY MATHS BUDDY. Well, at first I just did Maths without clear understanding of the key words. My Maths Buddy made me realize that Maths is not just numbers but A LANGUAGE… Understanding the words made it possible for me to solve all the problems with EASE…with all the examples given and the usage of pictures makes all concepts simple and Maths becomes interesting.”

The normal price for this dictionary is R315.00 but only until end of November 2016 this book will cost you R299.00! Save 5%!


And if you decide to get a POWER TOOLS PACKAGE FOR PARENTS (My Maths Buddy dictionary and the Five Effective Ways to Help Your Child Succeed with Maths manual) you will get a further discount and instead of paying R470.00 for this package (normal price) you will only pay R399.00! Save 15%!

Do not hesitate. Get this package today and change your child’s future forever! Because you know that a bright future for your child depends on how good their education is today!

And you know what else?



We like to play games! And we decided that all of you good moms and dads who care - if you buy a POWER TOOLS PACKAGE FOR PARENTS – you will be entered into our competition and participate in a draw that will occur on the 10th of February 2017 where a lucky winner will win R2,500.00 towards his/her child’s school fees! Get the Maths Power Tool Package for you and your child and WIN!

Competition closes on the 31st of January 2017.

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