Maths Problems Solved! – Case Study #4

Patience Mbeba – Coordinator for Sparrow Rainbow Village


We receive many success stories from the application of the My Maths Buddy in schools. Here is yet another powerful transformation in education that took place in Gauteng, South Africa. Take a read …

“My name is Patience Mbeba. As we at the Sparrow Rainbow Village work with children that are challenged in health and education, we realized a need to get more help.

About 60% of our children were bunking school and lying about being sick because Maths homework wasn’t done or they could not understand the Maths concepts. As the children’s coordinator of the Sparrow Children’s home I approached the Unified Public School, were a large number of our children have problems with Maths study and told them about the My Maths Buddy Dictionary.

Having a teaching background myself, after reading the My Maths Buddy Dictionary and trying out a few things, I developed hope. The Unified Public school agreed to try the dictionary out with the children at the Sparrow Rainbow Village and we started to see a change. Gradually the children’s attitudes towards school, and Maths in particular, changed. 

We then had more external students that joined our extra classes at Sparrow Rainbow Village and enjoyed being in the “My Maths Buddy” Group. Two teachers volunteered to help and it became a daily activity after school. We broke the chain and stigma that the Sparrow children were carrying, i.e. they cannot do well at school. 

We stopped sending our children to special schools for remedial classes…

Nontokozo and two other younger children were selected to enrol at a private school and received a sponsorship for their education. We stopped sending our children to special schools for remedial classes. The My Maths Buddy dictionary helped a number of children realize their potential in terms of Mathematics.

I have a few success stories of children that used My Maths Buddy which I would like to share with you.
1. N. Ngubo, she’s doing her second year at the Belgium Institute of Technology – after using My Maths Buddy for 2 months her results improved from an average of 30% to over 70%.
2. A. Morobi – although it took him more than six months to master the concepts, he finally made it up to Matric. He used to hide his report and daily exercises, getting an average of less than 20% until one day he came home with a script that had a 60% pass and he never looked back. He is now doing Business Studies at Boston College.

3. A. Mashabela, went from an average of 13-15% to 60% – she repeated Grade 7 and used the My Maths Buddy dictionary and that took her all the way to Grade 12 and beyond. She is now working at a government hospital after completing her training.
4. B. Nkosi would pass all her subjects except Maths and would get around 20-30% but after using the My Maths Buddy Dictionary she got 60% which gave her a new starting point in life enabling her entry into the University of Johannesburg.” 

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“My Maths Buddy helped me to improve my Maths results from 40% to 88% ...”

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