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1My Maths Buddy dictionary is the only dictionary on the market that has an introductory chapter explaining the main reason for failure and difficulty with Maths.

Given in simple English it is understood by parents, teachers and learners alike, with ease, and when applied by learners brings miraculous results. This includes increased pass rates- sometimes doubling what a child was getting previously. Click here to see their results.Button-Red

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2How to use the My Maths Buddy dictionary?

This dictionary is designed to be very user-friendly. It contains more than 600 Maths terms that your child will encounter while studying Maths at school. These terms are from Grade 3 to Grade 12 which is 10 years of school in one book!

Each word is colour coded according to the Grade in which your child will encounter the word for the first time. For example, if the word ‘percent’ gets introduced to learners in Grade 6 for the first time then this word will have a green border and so on.Button-Red

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3Each main division of Mathematics as well as Mathematics itself has its own dedicated chapter explaining it in very simple English and with lots of examples, the full definition, what the purpose of this subject is and how it applies in life.

You will find the best information on Mathematics, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus. It is the only dictionary in a world that does this for the learner as we found that very often the difficulties in Maths start with not understanding what Maths is!

Below are just the first pages of each chapter to give you an idea, and not the whole chapters.


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4Each definition in this dictionary is carefully researched and presented in such a way that it gives the full conceptual understanding of the word. It is written in simple English so as to not make the subject of Maths complicated and confusing.

Each definition contain the data on

  • what part of speech it is
  • how one pronounce the word
  • the actual definition of the word
  • it’s usage and application in real life
  • illustration/picture/diagram
  • an origin of the word



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5Why real life examples?

Maths is such an abstract subject for the majority of learners and parents. A child very often has difficulties visualizing maths terms and its application in life and thus can’t understand it. To give you an example, try to learn and understand how to drive a car without ever seeing a car and seeing how it operates in life. It would be quite difficult, not so?

In this book we have real life examples for the terms so that a child can see how these terms apply or are applied. After all why do we study this subject at all if we do not apply it in real life?Button-Red

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6Why origins?

Origins are a vital component in the understanding of a word. Let’s take, for example, the Maths term ‘acute angle’. If you look in a good etymology dictionary (etymology – where the words originally come from; the origin of it) you will see that the word ‘acute’ comes from the Latin word ‘acutus’ which means ‘sharp or pointed’ and the word ‘angle’ comes from the Latin word ‘angulus’ which means ‘corner’.

Doesn’t that give you a better idea of what the term ‘acute angle’ means?Button-Red


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