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MMB-plus-seal-webMaths is a Language!

This could be quite a new concept for Maths teachers, after all, they are not English Teachers (or any other language teachers for that matter). They teach Maths!

But once the concept is understood their instruction becomes much easier and the results in class improve.

Why? Because in order to understand Maths, one has to be able to ‘speak’ the language of this subject. How would you speak Chinese if you did not know a word of Chinese?

How would you expect your learner to ‘speak’ Maths or think mathematically if he or she doesn’t know or doesn’t understand the terms of Maths (the language of Maths)? We can only think with the words we have in our vocabulary, so if we extend that vocabulary, we think better!

The understanding of the words and terms of a subject being studied is the basis of success in that subject! If a learner has full understanding of the term ‘fraction,’ including its application in life, he or she then need only learn the rules of fractions and practice in order to become certain in its application and be able to answer all exam questions concerning ‘fraction’ correctly.

If the terms are not understood or misunderstood, no amount of practice will result in understanding and effective application. A learner can memorize some of the data (we call it a parroting) and get a “pass” at exams. But usually learners who use parroting as a means to ‘succeed’ in a subject actually never do succeed in this subject. As soon as they wrote the exam paper the data they were memorizing is gone for good! There was no real understanding. Then the question arises: What is a purpose of parroting? To get a ‘pass’ at exams? Probably. To apply the subject in life to boost their career success? Definitely not!

The My Maths Buddy dictionary is a tool that helps overcome the problems of not understood or misunderstood words and terms and brings confidence and success in Maths to learners!


How does it happen in class …


The same happens in class! If a learner doesn’t understand a word ‘fraction’ for example, he wouldn’t be able to deal with fractions effectively!



My Maths Buddy Workshops

Workshop-1-webWe understand that to have a copy of our dictionary is one thing and to use it and apply it on a daily basis is quite another. A number of teachers have noted this too.

Our purpose is not just to sell this dictionary to your school. Our first and foremost purpose as the My Maths Buddy team is to help learners succeed in Maths and to help teachers improve the Maths results of their learners.

Workshop-2-webOur analysis of this led to the development of the “How to Use My Maths Buddy” workshops.  At the workshop we teach learners, with practical application, how to use the My Maths Buddy dictionary in order to understand the subject better and ultimately improve the Maths results.

To date, we have delivered workshops to 3390 learners and 550 teachers in more than 35 schools across South Africa with exceptional results!

Workshop-3-webOne for one, in those schools where teachers and learners use the My Maths Buddy dictionary, Maths results have improved. Here is just one example:

“The grade 9 results (for ANA) were a 40% pass rate, increase of 10% after the use of the Maths Buddy!” (This is only for those who are using the My Maths Buddy) Sandra K. HOD for Maths


My Maths Buddy results in schools

graph 1

“The grade 9 results were  a 40% pass rate, increase of 10% (from) before the use of the Maths Buddy!”

graph 2

“Levels of learners have improved mostly from level 1 to level 3 for those who use the book religiously.”

graph 3

“We acquired 88% for the first term (up from 65%). I am ecstatic to announce that our results for term 2 have escalated to 95%.”

graph 4

“Grade 10 Maths Average percentage increased by 14.77% from Term 2 to Term 3.

Grade 11 Maths Average percentage increased by 14.97% from Term 2 to Term 3.

Grade 12 Maths Average percentage increased by 8.23% from Term 2 to Term 3.”

Workshop-ButtonDo you want to improve the Maths results in your school? Interested in our workshops? Let us know!

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“My Maths Buddy helped me to improve my Maths results from 40% to 88% ...”

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“What's nice about the book is its very easy to use, you can quickly reference something...and they (Des's kids) started working on their own and finding their own solutions to the problems that they had.”

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“My Maths Buddy has helped me a lot in my classroom, because most of my learners marks have improved a lot...”

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