Make your Maths teaching effective, enjoyable,
rewarding and stress free again!


Learn how to make your learners feel excited about Maths!

Maths can be a challenging subject for many learners. The everyday job of teaching Maths can thus become incredibly challenging as well.

How do I get my learners engaged in studying the subject? Why is there so little motivation in learning? Homework is not done again? Ill-discipline? No interest in learning? Bad marks?

How many times do we, as teachers and principals, ask ourselves such questions or similar questions on a daily basis?

Maths teachers try their best to get their learners to succeed in Maths. Some learners succeed and some, no matter what the teacher does to help, do not.

This must be extremely frustrating. Would it not be great to have all children do well in Maths?

What are we missing?

Have you ever experienced these reactions in your Maths class?

Learner with a blank look

Learner feeling tired or bored

Learner feeling exasperated

Learner feeling sort of spinny

Learner getting angry

Effective Maths Teaching Training

The Effective Maths Teaching Training is SACE accredited and after successfully completing our training a Maths teacher will receive a SACE certificate.

By signing up for the Effective Maths Teaching Training, Maths teachers will learn invaluable skills that will enhance their careers.

On our training a Maths teacher will learn:

  • Why learners manifest lack of commitment and motivation to study Maths
  • What makes the subject of Maths difficult for a learner
  • What specific barriers a learner runs into when studying a subject and if not handled may cause them to fail this subject
  • How to identify and handle those barriers and clear the learner’s path to knowledge, thus making him/her succeed in Maths by bringing true understanding of the subject to them
  • How to handle a learner’s confusions and inability to grasp Maths concepts?
  • How to help struggling learners become bright and effective again

With this knowledge you will gain a great deal of confidence to be able to handle any struggling learner and the ill discipline, absenteeism and missing homework will become things of the past. Learners will gain FULL UNDERSTANDING of Maths and thus SUCCEED.

Our purpose is causative education and teaching and learning with UNDERSTANDING.

Our results are teachers with greater understanding, higher confidence, motivation and passion who can see positive results in their work and learners who are confident, achieve great results and who can think for themselves, apply what they learn and create their own future.

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Teachers Maths Uderstanding Package

How does Maths teacher training work?



Fill out our request a quote form at the bottom of this page and our consultant will contact you with all information needed to start. Group discounts apply.*



We deliver our training either online or directly at your school if there is a group of teachers attending. Our training is 2,5 hours long.



Each teacher will receive a Maths Understanding Made Simple kit which includes manuals and resources to be used as a teacher to enhance and support their teaching as well as to effectively help their learners to increase their understanding and application of Maths.

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Our training is SACE accredited and upon successful completion of the training a Maths teacher will receive a SACE certificate.



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