5 Effective Ways to Help Your Child Succeed with Maths



Paperback: 140 pages

ISBN: 9780620593335


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Product Description

This book is for parents who care about their children’s education and want to help them to succeed in it. This book is about succeeding in Maths.

Maths is one of the biggest problems amongst South African learners and many parents face the problem of their kids doing badly at it, not succeeding or simply not doing as well as they want them to.

The majority of parents were not good at Maths themselves and are not able to help their kids with maths leaving this function to Maths tutoring centres, etc. But every single parent can actually help their child with or without a good education in Maths if they read and apply this book.

It means that parents can spend less money on their after school classes. It can also help them to understand why their child hates Maths and what to do about it.

This book also gives a parent a totally new perspective on Maths and why their child needs to be good at it.

Such a guide has never been released before and it is the first real help FOR PARENTS! Because they also need some help in helping their children in education.

EVERY parent wants their child to succeed in education and thus in life, so EVERY parent who has children struggling with Maths has to have a copy of this book!