Maths Problems Solved! – Case Study #4

CASE STUDY # 4 – FROM NO HOPE TO A BRIGHT FUTURE! We receive many success stories from the application of the My Maths Buddy in schools. Here is yet another powerful transformation in education that took place in Gauteng, South Africa. Take a read … “My name is Patience Mbeba. As we at the Sparrow… Continue Reading

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“My Maths Buddy helped me to improve my Maths results from 40% to 88% ...”

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“What's nice about the book is its very easy to use, you can quickly reference something...and they (Des's kids) started working on their own and finding their own solutions to the problems that they had.”

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“My Maths Buddy has helped me a lot in my classroom, because most of my learners marks have improved a lot...”

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