From 7% in Maths and classified as “dyscalculic” to all “A”s

We hear a lot of great stories from our happy customers about how the My Maths Buddy helped them but this one is something out of the ordinary even for us…

“Starting from the age of 12, I had always battled with Maths. I was classified as dyscalculic. Dyscalculia means “severe difficulty in making arithmetical calculations, as a result of brain disorder. “

I dropped Maths in 2009 because of this and hadn’t done it since then. But then in 2012, my boyfriend (who is now my husband) bought me the My Maths Buddy Dictionary and when I reached Matric, I decided to retake Maths as a subject and that is when the dictionary became my best tool to use. I realised that I had been putting the English definitions of words with the mathematical terms. After differentiating the words and understanding how they are used, I went from 7 % in Maths to all “A”s in my final matric year.

I am currently restudying my Maths as I would like to get full certantity and be able to fully apply it.

I used to have such a fear of numbers that I would shake and go hysterical even if it was doing simple things with them, but now it is much easier and I don’t even feel the fear anymore and none of those reactions occur.

I would recommend this book to anyone, whether you have troubles with Maths or not. This is a handy dictionary to have. It makes life that much simpler and it is very easy to use.”

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“My Maths Buddy helped me to improve my Maths results from 40% to 88% ...”

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